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                   Services Offered

Tony Wayne Wolcott offers his serves in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. His expertise comes from many years of experience. He provides ethical reporting delivered in an understandable format. He believes that the objective of a good business practice is to fulfill your requirements and needs in an efficient and timely manner.

Written Arborist Reports

Depending on local municipal requirements, permit applications may require arborist reports for tree removal, tree pruning, or tree planting. Arborist reports may assist in insurance claims or litigation related to tree damages. Examples of Arborist reports are listed but not limited to the following situations:

  • Risk assessments

  • Tree and plant valuations

  • Tree protection during construction

  • Insurance claims or litigation requirements

  • Landscape property evaluations

  • Tree care, including pruning specifications, fertilization recommendations, planting and maintenance plans


Tree and Shrub Evaluations

Site visits can include any of the following: tree and shrub identification, health and structure evaluation, landscape management ideas, water requirements, soil identification, and remediation possibilities, pruning recommendations, removal and replacement recommendations. Management plans can be provided to clients and agencies.

Landscape Property Inspections

A walk through your landscape property (or prospective property), identify the plants,  inspect and assess the possible risk of the plants, advise the property owners on the maintenance and care of the landscape, and educate or answer questions the property owners might have.  Real Estate agents, buyers, and sellers of property can benefit from this information with our extensive consulting arborist experience.

Irrigation Audits

A thorough analysis of existing irrigation systems, hydro-zoning suggestions, a checklist sheet identifying parts and manufacturer, troubleshooting and identifying problems, water saving measures, recommendations for system improvement or replacement.


Pruning Specifications

Inspecting trees and shrubs, and then writing pruning specifications for those trees and shrubs following industry standards and best management practice.


Tree Risk Assessment

Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) through the ISA. Risk assessment includes evaluating the tree’s health and structure, identifying possible tree failure parts and their likelihood of striking targets. Topics discussed are consequences of tree failure as well as the client’s risk level acceptance. This thorough process also includes ways to lessen risk and management plans.


Construction and Development Projects

The start of the design process is the best time to be on board with construction projects. Various tasks are involved in this process: inventorying trees and recommending trees for preservation, tree protection plans including Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) and tree protection fence, valuation of trees on site, monitoring construction activities and progress, management plans for pre-construction, during construction and post-construction.


Valuation of Trees

Tree appraisals or putting a value on a tree or trees is often an important role that arborist consultants can supply. People derive many benefits from trees and landscapes. Tree valuations involve many variables including owner’s view of the tree’s role in the landscape, species variables, present or past health of the tree, size and spread of the tree, loss of property value if trees are lost, and many other considerations depending on the particular assignment. It is important that tree valuations are accurate, understandable, and credible.


Litigation Assistance

Providing support in litigation matters is an important part of our business. Tree issues and disputes are very common in today’s world. Help in the form of arborist reports, deposition experience, and trial work; all contribute to reaching the client’s goals.


Sudden Oak Death Testing

It is now possible for us to test for Sudden Oak Death, Phytophthora ramorum. The testing process involves taking a sample, then forwarding the sample to the UC Berkeley lab for evaluation. The cost of testing Sudden Oak Death has been brought down to a reasonable amount due to this new process. 

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